About Rajkot City

About Rajkot City

Gujarat is one of the most developed states of India. The state is endowed with vast reserves of mineral and characterized by high industrialization. It features high rate of GDP growth and contributes almost 20% to India’s overall industrial output. Power, construction and trade contribute a major share to the prosperity of the state. A Gujarat stand 5th is the contribution towards the total GDP of the nation.

Gujarat, with its mission to make itself a vibrant place to live and work, has been implementing several structural reforms in the recent past. With its growing industrialization, presently, the state is all set to achieve an exponential growth curve. To facilitate such economic growth, increasing needs of the people for better quality of life and to cater the burgeoning trade through the hinterland, the state has also drawn an infrastructure road map and intends to develop a world class infrastructure to sustain the rapid pace of economic growth. Gujarat has experienced a rapid rate of urbanization in last four decades.

There are 8 municipal corporations and 9 urban Development Authorities within the state of Gujarat. Rajkot is the one of the largest city in Gujarat in terms of population as well as in area. Rajkot is also the Rajkot is the 28th urban agglomeration in India and is ranked as 22nd in "World's fastest growing cities & urban areas" for the period 2006 to 2020. Looking at its growth rate and rapid expansion, there is a pressing need to reconsider and redirect the development and growth patterns in the next decade.

Rajkot, since its foundation has been major urban centre, it is the centre for social, cultural, commercial, educational, political and industrial activities for the whole of Saurashtra region.In 1646 AD a permanent settlement had begun further the city was ruled by various Hindu and Muslim kings. In 1822 AD East India Company established a khothi for the first time, first railway line in Kathiawar was establish during 1872-73 AD in Rajkot. The Golden period of Rajkot started from the time of Sir Lakhajiraj (i.e. 1905 AD) which shows institutions, residential areas and markets being developed, special school and libraries for girls were established.

Rajkot became the capital of Saurashtra region with the end of the British rule and the most prosperous period of Rajkot began. The decade since 1947 A.D. saw a phenomenal increase in the population and size of Rajkot and its all round development in education, industry, commerce, culture, etc. Today, it is a major small scale industrial & trade hub in the whole Saurashtra region.

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